This photo of Turkmenian carpet was sent to me by my friend Ata Amantaev


Akmaya at the racing at 1997



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Structure of nursery
Puppies of Melekush
Akmaya, her puppies 1998
Akmaya, her puppies 2004
Akili, her puppies
Azgana, her puppies 2004
Azgana, her puppies 2005
Melekush Djan-Uldara
Bulbul and Buguzel
Our puppies and our friends

This site is devoted to my dogs - dogs of breed Central Asian hound tazi. To dogs of Diana’ family  (Melekush), brought from near Ashkhabad in 1993. To her daughters Akmaya, Garlovach-Molly and Akili, granddaughters and grandsons, grand-grandsons... The site also is devoted to dogs of my friends - tazis and dogs of another hound breeds. And not hounds too...



I remember as all began.
At the dark October evening of 1993 I went for a walk with my airedale-terrier Delya. As it is usual, I have greeted the friend – dog-owner and suddenly have noticed easy moving near in the bushes and has heard easy rustle... "Kolya! What is it? " - I was guarded. " It is Central Asian hound. Tazi – did you heard such? "  In 1970, when the parents have permitted me to take the first dog, I have sat down to study  the books and choice the breed. I chose breed in the hunting books. In Western Siberia, where we  lived at that time almost every man was the hunter, so we nad enough books about a hunt in our house. And some pages were devoted to the hunting dogs. There for the first time I  have looked the picture of the dog named tazi...

Certainly, spaniel has appeared at me, but the word “tazi” has sunk down  in memory. And has not passed and 25 years, when I for the first time have seen this miracle closely. Whether  even at this moment I yet did not know: there will be a continuation and what, if it will be.


And the continuation was...




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